Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How Do I Order Refill Solution?

Simply go to the order page and order your refill solution.  You will need your original Amazon Order Number to order more refill solution

2.  How Long Before I See Results?

There are a lot of factors that impact whitening speed.  Things like your age, tooth condition, how stained your teeth are, etc that effect whitening speed.  Our whitening solution is some of the most powerful in the industry.  Clients have seen results in as little as 1 use and some can take as long as 10 days

3. The Solution Burns My Gums

As mentioned earlier, this is some of the most powerful whitening solution you can get.  You should try not to overfill the trays and just put in enough to cover your teeth.  Also if you have gingivitis or periodontal disease your gums will be very sensitive to all whitening solutions

4.  How Do I Use the Whitening Pen?

The teeth whitening pen is used when you are on the go and want to whiten your teeth.  It can be used in a meeting, stuck in traffic, etc.  You can also use the whitening pen to touch up any small areas of your teeth what are more stained than others

5.  The Whitening Light Does Not Work

There is a piece of safety tape on the batteries.  Just open the battery compartment, remove the tape and you should be good to go.  If not please contact us for a free replacement
We have also have put together a video to answer most of your questions.


6.  I Have A Question Not Answered Here

Please send an email to support@advantasupplements.com and we will be more than happy to help!